Annuvia’s $500 Public Safety Scholarship


Annuvia’s Public Safety Scholarship is designed to help college students interested in pursuing a career in public health and safety or emergency medical services pursue their passion and make the world a safer place to live and work.

Entry Guidelines:

Write a 500+ word essay telling us about a method, systematic improvement, or device that would improve public safety or emergency response in urban communities in the United States. Particular interest should be paid to community paramedicine and bridging the gap between emergency responders, 911 callers, and victims.

Scholarship Requirement Details:

  • Essays must be original and written by the applicant.
  • Essays should be based on accurate research, industry knowledge, and realistic concepts, ideas, and technologies (e.g. essays involving drones to provide CPR to victims in cardiac arrest most likely won’t be considered).
  • Essays will be checked for plagiarism, re-writes, and duplicates.

Final application will require:

  • Copy of your essay.
  • Additional personal information, as required, for proof of full-time student status and active registration.

View terms, conditions and how to apply.

About Annuvia:

Annuvia is a national CPR, AED and first aid training company headquartered in San Francisco, CA. We provide training services taught by full-time healthcare providers, such as fire fighters and paramedics, as well as AED sales and AED program management and medical direction services.


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