Good Safety is Good Business

Annuvia was founded by healthcare professionals who saw the need for enhanced emergency response training in businesses and the community. With 350,000 people dying every year from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) and only 25%-33% of them receiving bystander assistance, we saw an enormous opportunity to save lives, increase workplace safety, and create safer communities.

We are addressing this growing issue through providing complete preparedness programs that include emergency CPR/AED training classes, workplace First Aid classes, and on-going AED program management.

Our staff of experienced professionals and healthcare providers offers flexible and economical solutions to businesses, both large and small, communities, and public agencies.

Annuvia only hires experienced healthcare professionals such as ER physicians, nurses, and paramedics to be our instructors across the country; we are the ones that arrive when you call 911!

Since Annuvia operates on a national basis, we are able to quickly roll out local, regional, or national American Heart Association training programs, resulting in a savings of time and money for our clients.

Put simply: When you hire Annuvia, you’re trained by people who use their life-saving skills on a daily basis, no matter where you’re located – all for an investment lower than you’ll find anywhere else!


Micah Bongberg—President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Bongberg, having joined Annuvia while the firm was still in a developmental stage, began in an operational capacity overseeing internal processes, financial-related elements, and creation and development of systems to support the firm’s enormous growth rate. Mr. Bongberg has since taken on the responsibility for the organization’s revenue generation and new program development. Currently, he spends his day-to-day focus on forming, building, and integrating sustainable and scalable solutions for the firm’s largest clients on a national scale.

Prior to coming to Annuvia Mr. Bongberg worked as the interim Portfolio Manager for the for-profit real estate developer BRIDGE Urban Infill Land Development, LLC (BUILD) – a subsidiary of BRIDGE Housing Corporation and the California Public Employee Retirement System (CalPERS), California’s largest nonprofit real estate developer and the nation’s largest pension fund, respectively. In that capacity, he managed a $50 million line of credit with Comerica Bank and a $175 million portfolio of equity. Additionally, Mr. Bongberg oversaw and managed several of the firm’s real estate acquisitions and development projects. These experiences provided Mr. Bongberg with valuable financial, economic and small business knowledge which he brings to the daily operations of Annuvia.

Mr. Bongberg received a BA degree from the University of California at Santa Barbara in Business Economics. While an undergrad, he was active in numerous professional organizations including the Business Economics Association, the Accounting Association, and the Center for Engineering and Entrepreneurial Management.

Jan Gerritsen—Chief Technical Officer

Jan Gerritsen has more than 20 years international experience in software development. He
worked in a variety of leadership roles at a number of startups and public companies. At
Autonomy, he led a team of 20 software professionals to develop Aungate, Autonomy’s suite of
legal applications. Aungate was licensed in multi-million dollar deals to companies like Deloitte &
Touche and McAfee, to name a few.

Most recently, prior to joining Annuvia, Mr. Gerritsen architected and developed the integration between TeleNav and Quickbooks. Before that, he developed, a site for managing one’s career.

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The name “Annuvia” comes from a Sanskrit word meaning “to renew life.”

We chose this name because it deeply resonated with our philosophy of doing business. As more and more studies show, increasing the preparedness of community members is not a cost – but an investment – that can return as much as 16 times the investment.

Thus, making public and private places safer has enormous potential to save lives, save money, increase worker productivity, decrease insurance costs, and is simply the right thing to do.

Annuvia is an on-going demonstration that good safety is good business. For everyone.


Real Reviews. Real Customers.

Annuvia’s client reviews process is unlike anything else in the CPR, First Aid, or AED industry. We use Arch to collect course participants’ information during the training course. This information is used to:

  • Complete American Heart rosters and cert cards
  • Update clients’ records so they know exactly how we’ve performed
  • Send surveys to get feedback from participants every day across the country

We’re so confident in the value and quality of our services that we HIGHLY encourage our clients to review their firm’s feedback after each course. Additionally, we publish all reviews online for the world to see, believing that full transparency is simply the right thing to do and leads to a better experience for everyone: our firm and our clients but, most importantly, for the folks that we teach!

When you view “Live Reviews” from Annuvia, you are viewing results from the thousands of people we train across the country. Let us know if you have any questions about our review/feedback process.


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