AED Medical Oversight and Program Management

Comply with all AED Regulations

Annuvia provides much more than just Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), since they’re of no use if they’re not used! Our AED programs come with supervision and instruction. As part of our workplace safety training we can help organizations and businesses ensure OSHA compliance through legal and medical oversight from our team of national healthcare providers.

Annuvia can help reduce your risk by helping you comply with county, state, and federal requirements. We submit your detailed applications to local Emergency Medical Services (EMS) authorities for each of your locations and combine vital training programs like First Aid training, CPR training and Emergency Response team training to make your workplace completely prepared.

OSHA’s regulations can be hard to learn and frequently corporate organizations don’t understand their obligations, nor do they understand where to begin. Annuvia provides clarity for such challenges and encourages firms across the country to dust off their Emergency Response Plans and to pick up the phone!

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