CPR Retention

Today we got the following comment from one of our training classes in Houston and I thought I’d share it with the world to get more input:

“A follow up practice session with an instructor about 2 weeks later would be very practical for getting the methods for CPR and AEDs to have higher retention. It wouldn’t be the entire class but possibly 30 minutes or so of practicing the entire process of giving CPR and the entire process of using an AED while giving CPR.”

I really like the idea and its the first time anyone has mentioned a practice session shortly after the initial training, kind of like a pop quiz. Many have suggested a drill a year later, but I would venture to bet that a two-week checkin offers stronger retention. The unfortunate reality, however, is that training companies incur costs to get to our customers’ locations. Adding this short quick check-in would take little time, but would add on a few extra bucks to our customer’s quote. Is it worth the added cost? Only our customers can really decide….Let us know your thoughts!

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