Open Letter

Valued and Trusted Safety Partners,

We must confess that, like Victoria, we have been keeping a secret. It’s nothing scandalous, however, unless you have the misfortune of not being involved. Once again we turn the safety industry on its head by offering a whole new side of ourselves to you and your organization. As you may have noticed in our previous dealings, we focus on the positive productivity benefits that come with a safe and prepared workforce; we allow you and your employees to do their jobs secure in the knowledge that they are trained to deal with the unexpected and your management team continually compliant without paperwork and maintenance nightmares. Even our logo expresses our positive outlook; unlike the flat line favored by much of our industry, we feature a victorious individual with hands clasped above the head in a triumphant victory dance.

But what of the secret? Annuvia – nationally recognized as a leader in safety training—also provides emergency response/disaster planning, advanced response training, and AED program development, has now introduced an interactive blog to allow the public at large access to information important to them. Stories, ideas, suggestions, and experiences will be shared, which will in turn lead to lives being saved and organizations making training available to their facilities, legislatures learning how they can effectively implement programs that help (not inhibit) proactive programs, and ultimately influence bystander action so that they respond during an emergency.

As with all of our growth, transformations, and expansions, this addition to our company only makes sense as it will help embody our joint mission and promote high-quality research, knowledge, and AED deployment. Ideals we know to save lives. Annuvia. Not a new, coined word; rather an existing Sanskrit word that means to rejuvenate, to restore life. It fits us like a new skin because that is what we do for companies—restore their creative life, shouldering the burdens of compliance and training, providing an energetic, well workforce that can turn its creative attention to what it was hired to do.

Please join us in the celebration by contacting us to offer your feedback, suggestions, and areas of personal interest.

Best regards,

Micah Bongberg, President Annuvia

3 comments on “Open Letter
  1. Michael Hogan says:

    Excellent blog! The message is clear, concise, and pinpoints the needs of businesses in today’s dynamic work environment.

  2. Warren Kelly says:

    Great article. Couldn’t agree more. If you decide to set up in Australia, give me a call as I would glady assist in the North of our state. Our volunteer fire brigade lost a firefighter a few years back following a heart attack on the fire ground. This prompted us to raise the necessary funds to purchase an AED. I reckon it’s the best quipment that is hopefully never used.

    All that has to happen is to get one that is cheap and affordable as many smaller businesses refuse to spend such dollars on a low likelihood risk.


  3. Ned,
    Thank you for your note. I’m sorry to hear about your first-hand experience with losing a colleague, though its encouraging to learn your organization responded by purchasing life-saving equipment so as to prevent it from happening again! In looking at the history of the AED unit market, there are very noticeable decreases in the cost curve. So while I echo your suggestions on the price of the device, I’m happy to report that much is being done to make them more affordable. Stay tuned for some exciting news from some of the leaders in the field!


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