Police Add AEDs to their Tool Belt

Officer Jeff Childers spearheaded an effort to acquire AED units for the Laurel Police Department. Childers and Chief Musson recognize the need for AEDs and the critical role that officers can play in rescues given that they’re often first on scene. More on the story by the Laurel Outlook.

The Laurel Police department decided to go with the LifePak CR Plus, made by Physio Control, the same brand used by local ambulance and EMS personnel. Childers enjoyed the fact that the units are compatible with other units in the area. Therefore, when paramedics arrive, they can simply plug the electrode pads from the “police” device directly into their professional equipment, saving vitally-important time.

As we’ve written in prior posts, AEDs for police officers (and everyone else) are great tools both on and off duty. Congrats to Officer Childers and the Laurel Police Department!

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