Annuvia Applies Defibrillator to Hunger

Annuvia’s mission of creating healthier, safer, more prepared communities is not limited to only providing CPR and AED classes and first aid training. Annuvia holds regular volunteering opportunities for its employees as part of the organization’s Social Responsibility Plan. Causes range from the environment and recycling, to pro-bono safety training services and hunger. Just two weeks back, Annuvia’s Operations Team applied a massive, multi-volunteer, defibrillation “shock” to hunger. Working in partnership with the San Francisco Food Bank, staff from Annuvia’s headquarters location volunteered first thing in the morning on Saturday, February 6, 2010 and didn’t stop until the pallets of food no longer rolled in for re-packaging.

When the volunteers arrived they walked in to an enormous warehouse stocked full of fresh fruit and vegetables. Carrots and grapefruit were literally stored in giant cardboard boxes and the task was to separate and box the produce into smaller, more portable, boxes for distribution throughout the community. Working in unison, Annuvia’s staff devised a strategy and appointed positions to quickly handle the flood of healthy food. Soon, the music was turned on and the event was turned into a contest!

Annuvia is always looking to strengthen our relationship with like-minded organizations and we’re fortunate to be located in the heart of San Francisco, near many of the country’s leading organizations. If you or your organization would like to learn more about Annuvia’s Corporate Social Responsibility Plan or partner with Annuvia on their next, up-coming volunteer activity, send an email to Annuvia at with details on how you’d like to help.

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