Annuvia Launches International AED Consulting Practice

SAN FRANSISCO, CA – While AED defibrillator units (Automated External Defibrillators) are growing in popularity on an international basis, organizations have few opportunities to hire global consultative services to help with AED unit selection and implementation. Purchasing an AED unit in the United States is typically easy and can even be done over the internet. To ensure regulatory compliance, owners merely need to monitor local laws that commonly contain elements such as CPR/AED training requirements, maintaining AED unit prescriptions, and properly documenting AED unit “readiness” checks on a 30-day basis. International deployment, however, can be much more challenging.

“Organizations of all sizes across the country have done the right thing in acquiring AED units for their offices,” states Micah Bongberg, President of Annuvia, a national provider of CPR, AED and First Aid training services, “but they’re finding it increasingly difficult to provide the same level of care for their employees who are located at their international locations.”

Global businesses realize that sudden cardiac arrest doesn’t just happen in the United States, yet the maze of import and export laws, coupled with the unique differences in AED-related statutes from countries across the world, make doing the right thing difficult.
“Rather than accepting the status quo and only providing life-saving protection for an organization’s domestic employees, Annuvia has elected to add a new practice, focused on providing International AED Consulting services to businesses of all sizes. Our hope is to help large, global businesses navigate the maze of international regulations, in an effort to help them implement system-wide programs – for all of their employees,” states Bongberg.

Annuvia’s International AED Consulting practice will offer several customized service offerings, including: negotiating with international AED distributors, preparing quotes and ordering equipment, conducting virtual site assessments, ensuring customs clearance, and researching CPR & AED training requirements as well as country-specific AED-related laws on their clients’ behalf. As a distributor for the leading AED unit manufacturers and national provider of CPR/AED and First Aid training services, Annuvia is able to offer a unique, first-hand perspective that is currently non-existent for large, global organizations.

To learn more about Annuvia’s new International Consulting Practice, contact Annuvia at:

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  1. avatars says:

    Good article. thank you

  2. I’m starting to see AED units pop up all over the place too! I think this is a good movement, and with proper training I think this will help save many lives down the road.

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    I’m starting to see AED units pop up all over the place too! I think this is a good movement, and with proper training I think this will help save many lives down the road.

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