PulsePoint Launches Crowd-Sourcing App to Gather AED Data

At the ECCU conference in Las Vegas, NV, PulsePoint launched a new app to help gather AED unit data (see here and here). The app uses crowdsourcing to maximize exposure and impact. Users of the app simply collect data by taking a picture of an AED and the data, such as the geocoordinates/location, and other important information is added to the local database. Emergency dispatchers review the information and approve the data so that new AED locations are added and made available to the public using the PulsePoint Respond app.

The app offers a great way to gather new data and strengthen the benefits of the PulsePoint product, connecting victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest with citizen responders.

The only gap remaining, and an item that is covered by Annuvia’s Arch product, is the ongoing maintenance and management of AED units. Its easy to locate and find an AED, then add it to a database, but we need to make sure these devices are functioning properly. Arch does just this through ongoing communication with AED owners who regularly review and “check” their devices to make sure they’re in a readiness state.

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