Vancouver Police Save Life with AED & Have Outstanding Grant for More

This brief article by Craig Brown of The Columbian helps explain why AED units in police patrol cars is a must. Often police are first on-scene during medical calls and, with the proper equipment, can accomplish the job of EMTs and Medics. That equipment, of course, are AED units.

Mr. Brown indicates that the department have 60 AED units in its patrol cars and have applied for a grant to buy 50 more for their other vehicles. I’m not sure if their grant application has been submitted, but I’d say that they should make sure this story is added to help bolster their case!

Couple interesting Facts:

  • They bought the AEDs in October
  • This was the first life saved
  • Officers have responded to “dozens” of such calls since the devices were purchased and have used the AEDs several times

Interestingly, Detective Robert Givens “was leaving the police’s West Precinct office…when he saw a man in distress lying on the sidewalk.” That is, this doesn’t appear to be a 911 call that an officer responded to but, rather, an officer who recognized someone in need and was carrying life-saving equipment.

Can’t anyone with an AED in their possession respond the same way, not just a police officer? Absolutely!

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